Wednesday, July 17, 2019

AP-NC3800 Large Capacity 12 Slot Analog Video Codec (Max.48 Channel Analog Video Input), NSTC, PAC, D1, H.264

AP-NC3800 multi-service codec is DSP based next generation high performance multi-channel D1/HD video encoder device which allow installing 12 video/audio service modules. It is applicable to various real time fields, for instance, surveillance, traffic management, and environment surveillance.

A popularity of IP based network DVR video device has been increasing as much as IP network based high performance video communication. AddPac AP-NC3800 is applicable to various fields such as surveillance, traffic management, and environment surveillance with various WAN environments including; xDSL fast cable, and leased line metro Ethernet. Especially, AP-NC3800 interworks with various video solutions such as DVR solution so that user may build an efficient NDVR communication environment. 

Firmware Upgradeable DSP based HW Codec

AP-NC3800 video codec module supports audio/video encoding concurrently with the latest codec H.264. DSP is all programmable structure for constant upgrade/change/add features to cope with technological change. 

Various A/V Modules for Multi Service

AP-NC3800 multi channel video codec is designed to support various multi services such as D1 video encoder module, HD video encoder module (HD-SDI), built-in amp voice broadcasting module, subtitle module, and PAN/TILT control module. Especially, video encoder function, audio broadcasting function, and various supplementary services are all designed on the basis of module type to cope with user environment.

Remote Management 

AP-NC3800 video modules are independently operated. Device status inspection, feature setup, and software upgrade are possible with telnet and ftp in terms of secure the device security. It also provides separate GUI based management system for several AP-NC3800 environments. 

Application Fields 

AddPac DSP based H.264 video codec eliminated AP-NC3800 application ranges. It is applicable to D1 high resolution video surveillance, CCTV, traffic management, environment management, and etc.