Monday, May 20, 2019

AP-EIG100 Emergency Call SIP VoIP Gateway CCTV Call Flow Diagram

AP-EIG100 Emergency Call IP VoIP Gateway Device is a SIP signaling based emergency call voice call gateway device that enables high-quality voice communication over the Internet. It can be used outdoors and in multiple locations that require emergency call functionality. It supports various VoIP voice codecs, microphone input interface, speaker output interface, acoustic echo canceller, built-in digital amplifier, alarm and relay port, full duplex function. The emergency call button, microphone, and outdoor speaker are installed separately. AP-EIG100 is installed inside the enclosure and can support various functions such as warning light on/off control, CCTV LED backlight on/off control, and so on.

SIP based emergency call VoIP Gateway
AP-EIG100 emergency call IP voice call device is an IP emergency call phone equipped with voice processing technology, VoIP signaling technology and network technology that AddPac has accumulated in the field of VoIP and IP broadcasting. In many functions, the AP-EIG100 is definitely different. It is designed based on high-quality voice DSP and built-in acoustic echo canceller function, and supports full duplex bi-directional communication. AP-EIG100 also supports SIP VoIP signaling protocol and various voice codecs like as G711, G726, G729A, G723.1 in addition to high-quality 16KHz G.722 wideband codec. QoS technology is applied to cope with various delays and packet errors on the Internet, particularly in limited bandwidth situations, ensuring optimal sound quality. IP emergency call function can be performed in conjunction with AddPac IP-PBX solution
Firmware Upgradable Architecture

The AP-EIG100 emergency call IP voice call gateway device is a programmable structure of high-performance RISC CPU, so it can be continuously improved, changed or added.

Network Diagram

Friday, May 17, 2019

AP-SVG3000 8 Port STT G.722 VoIP Gateway for Network STT(Speech to Text) Voice Recognition Application

Voicefinder AP-SVG3000 is a maximum 8 port STT(Speech to Text) VoIP Gateway for Network based STT(Speech to Text) Application. This STT VoIP Gateway supports high quality G.722 16KHz VoIP codec beside 8KHz VoIP codec like as G.711,G.726,G.729A, etc.  AP-SVG3000 provides four(4) STT VoIP module slots, and each slots supports two(2)-port STT VoIP module. The STT VoIP module provides one(1) 10/100Mbps fast ethernet port, one(1) RS232C console port for command line interface, 3.5mm analog audio input/output port, and RJ45 connector type radio interface port independently. Radio Interface is used for interconnection with radio system like as Motorola, ICOM, etc. Pin assignment for radio interface are Tx audio, Rx audio, Tx PTT, Rx PTT lines. 3.5mm analog audio output interface is reserved for future application.  3.5mm analog audio input interface can be used for network based call center STT application. 

Scalability and cost effective STT voice recognition solution

5G wireless network and broadband network services are rapidly expanding in the field of voice recognition, which is a core technology, in addition to cloud computing, robots, AI, and big data technology. VoIP gateways for high quality IP based voice recognition are the first step in integrating into an IP network, so be careful about introducing them. Pay close attention to the AP-SVG3000 if you need to choose products that are highly scalable and proven to be affordable. AP-SVG3000 is a 16KHz G.722 high quality voice recognition VoIP gateway that provides a clear opportunity to start small and start looking bigger.

Maximum 8 Port STT VoIP Gateway, Each Port provides Independent STT VoIP Gateway Service

The AP-SVG3000 is a STT (Speech to Text) VoIP gateway that can configure up to 8 ports of analog voice channels. At the time of introduction, AP-STT2 2-channel STT VoIP module is installed and used. When it is time to increase the number of channels, up to 8 channels can be flexibly coped with the demand for channel expansion. In addition, with the hot-swap function, AP-STT2 2 channel STT module in service can be replaced without needing to switch off the power supply in case of failure or replacement. It is a good choice for customers who want AP-SVG3000 high performance STT VoIP gateway. The STT VoIP module used in the AP-SVG3000 operates independently for each port and can support various VoIP voice codecs such as 8KHz G.711, G726, and G.729A in addition to the 16KHz G.722 wideband voice codec. The voice interface supports the radio interface (RJ45) in addition to the audio I / O interface. In addition, it supports RS232C (RJ45) interface for CLI (Command Line Interface)

High Quality VoIP Service and Additional Various Services 

AddPac VoIP gateway series is recognized for its performance and stability in Korea as well as the world market. AP-SVG3000, which has accumulated experience and know-how accumulated in the enterprise market and service provider market for AddPac, will provide high satisfaction in terms of various services to meet the needs of customers who want high quality VoIP service. First, in terms of VoIP call control protocol, AP-SVG3000 supports H323 and SIP concurrently. In addition, AddPac's unique QoS algorithm is added to general QoS (Quality of Service) algorithm to support superior VoIP call quality in any network environment.

Network Diagram