Sunday, December 16, 2018

AP2610 4 Port E&M VoIP Gateway Configuration Guide Youtube Demo...

VoiceFinder AP2610 is a next-generation VoIP Gateway delivering maximum 4 analog voice channels to enterprises and public offices in a compact form factor. This new model realizes extended performance and higher adoptability by supporting various 4-port analog VoIP modules such as FXS, FXO, E&M, etc

AP2610 is a feature-rich VoIP Gateway supporting maximum 4 channels of analog voice interface. Customers are able to enjoy the small capacity VoIP service by installing various analog VoIP modules, especially E&M interface VoIP module. Along with the QoS ensured VoIP telephony service, AP2610 offers IP broadcasting terminal service by installing broadcasting modules such as AP-AUDIO2. While saving investment, experience various VoIP/ BoIP services with its modular expansion options.  AP2610 VoIP gateway supports two (2) 10/100Mbps fast ethernet ports which ensure optimized VoIP service at NAT/PAT, VRRP and Router environment. 

AddPac's VoIP Gateway series have been highly appraised at both Koran and international markets and its lead in enterprise and carrier market reveals the advanced performance and stability. Moreover, AP2610 compares against competitive products in the market with its ample scalability services and AddPac's know-how which actively meet the communication needs of today's customers. In terms of VoIP call signaling protocol, AP2610 concurrently supports H323 and SIP signaling protocols. Not only general QoS algorithm, AP2610 supports the advanced QoS algorithms to maintain state-of-art voice quality on any types of conventional IP networks.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

IPNext500 IP-PBX System Duplication Scheme for Fault Tolerant, One System Dual Call Manager Scheme

IPNext500 Dual IP-PBX System for Fault Tolerant Service

With the growth of business customers’ needs for IP telephony and converged applications, the trends towards ‘All IP’ communication environment are becoming a reality keeping pace with the technological advance of next generation networking. IPNext500 fault tolerant IP-PBX delivers a new cost effective IP communication solution for ‘All IP’ environment as a core system of AddPac’s comprehensive IP Telephony solution which features various end user terminal equipments such as AP-VP300, AP-VP280 IP video phone, AP-IP300, AP-IP230, AP-IP120 IP Phone, etc.
Designed on the foundation of high performance embedded RISC CPU, IPNext500 supports the dual system processor boards. Also, IPNext500 supports the dual power supply. It’s ideal IP-PBX system for medium and small size enterprise taking a full advantage of system stability.

AddPac IPNext500 NGN(Next Generation Network) IP-PBX provides the active-standby system duplication features for fault tolerant architecture. For the system duplication, it use the dual(2) Hot-Swap CPU boards at the front part of chassis. Also, it also comes with two(2) 10/100Mbps fast ethernet port and console port per CPU board. It features a wide variety of SIP based internal call scenarios such as Basic Call, Coloring Service, Music on Hold, Blind Transfer, Call Pickup, Group Call Pickup, Consult Call, Switching Call, Consult Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Waiting Notify, Call Park, Call Pickup Remote, Hunt Group, supporting SIP, H.323 for external calls concurrently. In addition, high capacity internal NAND flash memory is well-suited to the services which need sizable memory capacity such as Voice Mail ensuring the system consistency and the high availability.

As ‘All IP’ multimedia telephony environment is becoming a reality with advanced next generation networking technology; there is now critical demand of optimal integration of the solutions. AddPac Technology offers a range of solution covering VoIP and Media gateway, audio/video terminal equipments, Independent audio/video MCU, IP audio/video broadcasting solution, Network CCTV like VMS, audio/video recording solution, traffic controller, QoS equipment to meet customers’ various communication requirements, so you can best optimize your network environment to maximize benefit from convergence of multimedia communication. 

Network Diagram