Sunday, August 2, 2020

Long Cable GPS Antenna Solution for Underground Installation

AddPac active GPS antenna solution for embedded GPS NTP server provides high-performance GPS antenna solution for various enterprise applications. AddPac long cable active GPS antenna solution consist of three(3) product line up like as AP-GPS-ANT2, AP-GPS-ANT3 and AP-GPS-ANT(4).

AP-GPS-ANT2 GPS antenna has 30m cable length. This antenna is special ordering item and expensive. Normally long distance cable antenna length means antenna performance degradation due to resistance characteristic. To compensate performance degradation due to cable length, we use high quality antenna cable and increase cable diameter to reduce cable resistance characteristic. This antenna is very useful for underground installation when GPS NTP server installation location is too far to window side in office building especially.

For special ordering GPS antenna, AP-GPS-ANT3 GPS antenna has 40m cable length and AP-GPS-ANT4 GPS antenna has 50m cable length. These long-distance GSP antennas provide reasonable GPS signal quality.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

AP-GTR3000GD High Performance Embeded GPS NTP Server, Dual Power Gigabit Ethernet Support

AP-GTR3000GD embedded GPS NTP server transmits GPS time information to IP based application server which requires accurate time information using Network Time Protocol.

AP-GTR3000GD supports two gigabit Ethernet port and dual power supply.

In front of AP-GTR3000GD, there is 5 inch color LCD display with touch screen control for GPS time display and system configuration. Also, there are two gigabit ethernet port, RJ45 console port, blue LAMP for device status and one module slot for AP-GPSR2 GPS hardware module. AP-GPSR2 module provides dual DB-9 RS232 interface port and GPS antenna interface port. 

At the rear of AP-GTR3000GD, AP-GTR3000GD provides the module type dual power supply for redundancy and stability.

Network Diagram 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

AP-VP380G High Performance HD Video Conference Phone (7 inch LCD, 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet, Built-in HD Camera Sensor, HDMI Video Input Port for External PTZ HD Camera, HDMI Video Output Port for External Full HD Monitor)

AP-VP380G is a gigabit ethernet HD IP video conference phone that allows you to make high quality and high resolution video communications by using the Internet. This product supports a video conference, point-to-point video communication, and aid to HD video communication access for the disabled optimally through the latest audio/video codec and HDMI video I/O interfaces. The criteria of choosing a video phone are high quality audio and video. 

AP-VP380G is a new HD IP video conference phone where Internet voice communications are combined with Internet video communications. This product provides advanced features and services such as high quality built-in HD camera, HD video codec (e.g. H.264, MPEG4, and H.263), HDMI video input interface for external PTZ HD video conference camera, HDMI video output interface for external full HD monitor display, QoS, and multiple VoIP signaling protocols such as SIP and H.323. 

AP-VP380G is a high-performance multi-functional IP video conference phone where the state-of-the-art video processing technology is added to the voice processing technologies developed by AddPac in the VoIP field. AP-VP380G has better video features since it ensures high quality video due to a high-quality 7 Inch LCD and you can enjoy a large screen connected to the external monitor. Since AP-VP380G supports networks of 128 Kbps to several Mbps, it is available at any Internet-enabled place. Above all, AP-V380G ensures the best video quality due to the ‘rate control’ function that ensures the best video quality and frame rate at a limited bandwidth and the high-end error resilience technology for troubleshooting various packet failures on the Internet. In case of H.264 video codec, it supports max. 30 fps (frame per second) of HD (1280 x 720) video image.

High quality audio determines the perceived quality of video because audio delivers the key part of communication. AddPac AP-VP380G is an advanced video solution with its high quality audio. It offers 16 KHz sampling G.722 wide-band codec in addition to conventional 8 KHz sampling codec of G.XXX series. AP-VP380G delivers unparalleled end-to-end true IP video conferencing service.

The performance and reliability of AddPac VoIP, video and multimedia equipment have been recognized in global markets as well as the Korean market. AP-VP380G, which is a collection of experiences and know-how accumulated in the enterprise and service provider markets, would be a solution that meets the needs of customers that ask for next-generation communications.

Network Diagram

AP-VP380G 7inch LCD Gigabit Ethernet HD IP Video Conference Phone

AP1820G Gigabit Ethernet Dual Power VoIP Gateway, Analog & Digital VoIP Gateway, (AC, DC Power)