Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Next Generation Smart VMS User Interface, High Performance & Powerful Smart VMS Solution

AddPac AP-SVMS Smart VMS is a next generation CCTV video management software solution for general IP based CCTV application. AP-SVMS video management software solution consists of ONVIF standard protocol based CCTV VMS software block, RTSP video streaming software block, MAP based geological Integrated Security Management Software block, etc.

New AP-SVMS User Interface software is designed by using MS-window OS and is consisted of CCTV camera monitoring multi-channel viewer software and geological map based CCTV management software.

For reducing visual fatigue when an operator monitors LCD display long-time, all AP-SVMS software UI including CCTV monitoring software is designed by dark-gray color. Also, AP-SVMS CCTV camera monitoring viewer support new generation compression ratio effective H.265 video codec as option beside legacy H.264, MPEG, MJEG video codec. And, introducing top-down intuitive design method like as region, AP-SVMS can easily manage various IP devices like as IP camera, etc.
Intuitive UI design for real work place, GIS MAP UI based IP camera, system resource management, alarm indication display function, device configuration function UI are main UI service function for AP-SVMS

Smart VMS Status Monitoring Board

AP-SVMS system status monitoring board provides region or unmanned security zone list display function, IP camera display function on MAP, IP camera list display function, alarm status display function, management server status display function (CPU, memory, HDD usage), streaming and recording server status display function, storage device status display function, etc. 

Region/Group Security Zone VMS System Configuration Function 

This function provides AP-SVMS configuration service for Regional Security Zone or Unmanned Security Zone. Main functions are IP camera registration, IP camera configuration, IP camera profile configuration, database restore function, GIS map configuration, and operator configuration, etc

Alarm User Interface (Example)

Alarm UI function provides alarm display function, alarm classification function, alarm pop-up function, alarm and information history function, etc.

Device User Interface (Example)

Device UI provides device configuration and device status display function. AP-SVMS devices are IP cameras, IP video encoders, video streaming server, video recording server, storage device, etc.