Friday, March 31, 2017

AP900 8-Port FXS VoIP Gateway

VoiceFinder AP900 Analog VoIP Gateway provides high-performance Voice over IP(VoIP) solution including IP-routing services for medium enterprise, and other public offices as well as Internet game room and Internet based cyber apartment. Moreover, VoiceFinder AP900 VoIP Gateway maintains best voice quality under not only high network bandwidth but also low network bandwidth using the latest voice compression algorithm and enhanced QoS management features of AddPac Technologies.

Powerful Network-CPU Interface

AP900 is designed to provide high-performance service as a media gateway. It provides LEDs on the front panel indicating operational status, line status, and LAN Interface status of gateway. Two 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet ports and RS232C console interface is the base for delivering various network services such as LAN-to-LAN routing, Bridge and NAT/PAT service etc

High quality of communication and additional services

Various VoIP gateway series of AddPac is approved for its high performance and reliability in world wide markets. AddPac provides highly advanced VoIP services in order to meet demanding and evolving business requirements of customers. Especially AP900 has been developed through years of experiences and accumulated know-how from existing enterprises and communication markets. AP900 provides concurrent triple VoIP stack (H323, SIP, and MGCP) and QoS (Quality of Service) for high quality of communication service. This will satisfy customers with high expectation.

APOS Internetworking Software for AP VoIP Gateway 

AddPac VoiceFinder Operating System (APOS) is best VoIP and router software to provide scalability, reliability, stability, and QoS for internetworking solutions. APOS also provides optimized performance and industry standard network functionality with easy-to-use, easy-to-installation, and maintenance.

Network Diagram

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