Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Satellite based IP Video Telephony Solution

AddPac satellite based IP video telephony solution enable the high-quality VVoIP(video over IP) communications by using satellite based internet. IPNext600 fault tolerant dual redundancy IP-PBX system, AP-MC2000 video MCU, AP-HVC300 compact size full HD video conference codec, AP-VP280 IP video phone, AP1800 VoIP gateways, various IP phones (AP-IP300, AP-IP230, AP-IP120, etc) are main components of satellite based IP video telephony solution. Normally, under satellite network environment, burst packet error and packet jitter is frequently occurred because of satellite wireless characteristic. For stable satellite IP video telephony service, each system should support strong QoS function to reduce or conceal packet errors like as packet loss, packet jitter.

IPNext600 dual redundancy IP-PBX system supports the dual CPU boards and adopts the dual HDD system per CPU boards for hard disk redundancy. Also, dual redundancy IP-PBX supports the dual internal module type power supply. It’s ideal IP-PBX system for medium and large businesses taking a full advantage of system stability.

AP-MC2000 provides a complete solution specifically for small & medium video conferences with multiple sites participating which are implemented technically by connecting mixed video data stream from independent terminals to single 'virtual group' for central mixing and transcoding process.  Designed on the basis of firmware upgradeable high performance DSP+Processor, AP-MC2000 supports not only latest audio/video codec currently but has capabilities of new codec services leveraging continuous firmware level upgrade. AP-MC2000 is also a key component of a comprehensive solution combined with AddPac IP-PBX (especially large capacity, IPNext600, etc), IP terminal equipments such as AP-VP280 IP video phones, AP-HVC300 video conference equipment for multipoint video conferencing, which provides easy-to-use user interfaces, robust performance and excellent video quality. 

AP-HVC300 Full HD video conferencing device is an all-in-one high performance IP video communication solution that supports full HD camera as well as video output interface. It is designed on the basis of high performance DSP processor to support the latest audio/video codec, various AV input/output interfaces for broadcasting as well as video conferencing. AddPac AP-HVC300 full HD video conferencing device breaks the mold of existing video solution. This can be connected with TV and speaker. It is applicable to various fields such as audio/video broadcasting as well as video conferencing.

AP-VP280 is an IP video phone that allows you to make high quality and high resolution video communications by using the Internet. This product supports a video conference, point-to-point video communication, and aid to communication access for the disabled optimally through the latest audio/video codecs and a variety of AV I/O interfaces. The criteria of choosing a video phone are high quality audio and video.  AP-VP280 is a new IP video phone where Internet voice communications are combined with Internet video communications. This product provides advanced features and services such as video codecs (e.g. H.263, MPEG-4, H.264, and JPEG), RCA A/V I/O interfaces, QoS, and public IP sharing as well as multiple VoIP signaling protocols such as SIP and H.323. .

AP1800 VoIP gateway is optimum solution for reliable satellite VoIP communication. This VoIP gateway support analog interface (FXO, FXS, E&M, etc) and digital interface (E1/T1, ISDN PRI, MFC R2,etc) VoIP module both. 

Many features of AddPac IP phone are highly distinguished and they have been designed in high voice quality DSP-based hardware architecture and integrated with acoustic echo canceller which supports the built-in microphone and 2-way communication of full duplex. Also IP phone supports SIP VoIP signaling protocols and a wide range of voice codec of G711, G726, G729 and G.723.1 depending on bandwidth availability, so AddPac IP phones can be used in just about anywhere with internet connection.

Network Diagram

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