Monday, December 4, 2017

AP6500 Large Scale VoIP Gateway

VoiceFinder AP6500 is an advanced high-capacity VoIP gateway for Next Generation Network (NGN), which can be equipped with analog voice interfaces of up to 128 ports. The analog interfaces of AP6500 present an optimal call scenario for inter-working with an analog PBX, and ensure better features and performance compared to the plain old VoIP gateways. As a option, AP6500 VoIP gateway supports the CPU redundancy for system stability using dual CPU module.

128-Port Analog Interface Supported 

New VoIP gateway models are not just secondary solutions but main communication solutions combined with IP-PBX; thus, you should choose an optional VoIP gateway to make the most of VoIP communications. AP6500 of AddPac Technology is a high-capacity VoIP gateway that provides analog interfaces of up to 128 ports. If you use AP6500 at regular enterprises organized into headquarters and branches, government offices, or local governments, AP6500 could function as a media gateway that inter-works with IP-PBX or as a solution that can replace a large-scale analog PBX. If you use AP6500 at a site where analog lines are installed for calls between the headquarters and branches by connecting the extensions of the PBX at the headquarters with a multiplexer (MUX) or a dedicated phone line, the best VoIP communications can be made while the disadvantages of the traditional phone environment are complemented. 

Powerful Network and Redundant CPU Interface 

AP6500 is an NGN media gateway in terms of hardware architecture, and is designed to provide advanced services. AP6500 supports a high reliability CPU interface for redundancy, and enables hot swap of CPU modules and analog subscriber modules. The front panel of this product has LEDs that allow you to check the status of lines, LAN interfaces, and CPU. Two 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports and the RS232C console interface can provide a variety of network services through Command Line Interface (CLI). The redundant power supply device is modular and can be installed or uninstalled to ensure safety.

High Voice Quality and Supplementary Services 

The performance and reliability of AddPac VoIP gateway series have been recognized in global markets as well as the Korean market. AP6500, which is a collection of experiences and know-how accumulated in the enterprise and service provider markets, provides excellent services that meet the needs of customers that ask for high quality VoIP services. Also, this product provides better VoIP services due to the unique QoS algorithm of AddPac by ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) for SIP, MGCP VoIP call control protocols, and better calling quality. 

Easy Adaptation to Environment Changes 

The CPU board, subscriber analog interface board, and power supply of AP6500 are modular, and can be installed or uninstalled. This product can adapt to external communication environments such as easy memory expansion through an SODIMM memory slot. AP6500 allows you to flexibly enable new advanced application services such as IPv6.

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