Tuesday, March 6, 2018

AP-SRD100 Smart RoIP Dispatcher Release, Smart Radio over IP Dispatcher, PTT over IP Dispatcher

AddPac AP-SRD100 Smart RoIP (Radio over IP) Dispatcher is a MS window based software for PTT(Push to Talk) group call connection and management in medium, large scale RoIP network that consist of IP-PBX, PTT server, LMR (Land-to-Mobile) gateway, Analog PTT gateway, PTT IP phone, PTT softphone, etc. This software provides PTT group call service optimally using easy GUI (Graphic User Interface) user interface. Removed Tag Filtered (o:p)
For largesale RoIP network like as disaster control center, Smart RoIP Dispatcher is a mandatory software component and most important product among RoIP product solution. AddPac Smart RoIP Dispatcher supports the workspace for each radio channel monitoring, PTT group link management, 1:1 PTT group call, 1:N PTT group call, Active PTT group list management, PTT call history management, event management, various additional supplementary service, etc Removed Tag Filtered (o:p)
AddPac’s various RoIPPTT solution devices have been fully recognized in terms of its performance and stability throughout the world. AP-SRD100 Smart RoIP Dispatcher will provide full satisfactions for customers who seek for a next generation RoIP communication with our accumulated experience in the enterprise market and service provider market. 

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