Sunday, May 13, 2018

AP-GS3300 Multi-SIM SMS Gateway

VoiceFinder AP-GS3300 is a new cutting edge Digital or IP to Very High Density Multi-SIM GSM gateway supporting maximum 36 ports of GSM Voice interface. GSM and digital interface of AP-GS3300 provide an optimized call scenario when it interoperates with softswitch or conventional PBX. Compact cost effective design and system architecture of AP-GS3300 provides customer satisfaction in high quality, performance and system reliance. This product uses the state-of-art technology voice compressed algorithm and unique QoS algorithm of AddPac to maintain the maximum voice quality under fast internet line and slow internet line as well. 

GSM and VoIP Gateway Service Both Support

AddPac AP-GS3300 is a device that can support both GSM gateway service (Digital E1/T1->GSM or Internet->GSM) and VoIP gateway service (Digital E1/T1->Internet) simultaneously. It also supports SIP, H.323 Multiple VoIP signaling protocol, various voice codec support(G.711, G.726, G.729, G723.1), nine(9) module slots for GSM and digital VoIP module, one(1) module slot for CPU board, two(2) gigabit ethernet ports, 1-port RS232C console, and state-of-art technologies and services.

Very High Density Multi-SIM GSM Module Support

AP-N1-GSM4S16 GSM VoIP Module for AP-GS3300 is a new 4-Port GSM Module (16 SIM card slots per a GSM Port) for GSM Call Termination Service. This GSM VoIP Module supports Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM frequency, Sixteen(16) SIM card slots per a GSM port, Hot-Swap Switch Button, One(1) GSM Antenna Interface. This GSM module has sixty-four(64) GSM SIM card slots internally. Also this module supports the Voice DSP for GSM call termination service based on VoIP Technology.

Supports maximum 36 ports of GSM interface 

GSM gateway combining Softswitch(or Conventional PBX) is now suggesting a new model for a main voice communication solution. In order to be a part of advanced VoIP communications naturally in the future, making an excellent choice of choosing GSM gateway is essential. VoiceFinder AP-GS3300 is a mid-range GSM gateway providing total 36 GSM interface ports or 32GSM interface ports + one(1) Digital E1/T1 port. It is suitable for GSM based call termination service provider.

Powerful networking protocols

VoiceFinder AP-GS3300 GSM VoIP Gateway supports two(2) 10/100/1000 Base-T fast Ethernet Interface ports and provides stabilized leased line environment, ADSL environment, cable modem environment, fixed IP Address, supports all flow IP environment so that it can be selected in accordance with user environments. 

Adapt to the Future Environment : Firmware Upgradeable Technology

Designed on programmable high performance RISC Integrated DSP Technology, AP-GS3300 is capable of adopting new capabilities and improvement by downloading firmware from website or with its auto-upgrade option as the customers' needs grow. Moreover, operators can download the latest protocol or service improvements as well as update firmware by checking the version and activating the auto-upgrade via AP-SNMS (Smart Network Management System) system of AddPac Technologies.

Privacy function and Security function

AP-GS3300 not only supports network access control but it also provides solid service level security. By CID (Caller ID Detection), you can identify the phone number of callers before answering and simply block it.

AddPac IP Telephony Total Solution

AddPac technology is not just a vendor of GSM Gateway Box for the customer satisfaction, but it provides various products for appropriate network environment for VoIP, Media Gateway, audio/video terminals, audio/video MCU, IP audio/video broadcast, VoD solutions, network DVR solution, audio/video recording solutions, and traffic controller QoS device solutions. In the future, All IP based multimedia telephony environment, various audio/video resources should be shared on an IP Network; thus, the integration of solutions for each area and entire solutions are considered as top priority. AddPac IP telephony solution is designed to consider the integrated multimedia solution so that it can satisfy the various needs of customer. 

AddPac’s various GSM, VoIP Gateway series and multimedia network devices have been fully recognized in terms of its performances and stability throughout the world. AP-GS3300, with our accumulated experiences and know-how in the enterprise and service provider markets, will provide full satisfactions for customers who ask for a next-generation GSM-Gateway.

Network Diagram

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