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Next Generation Smart Traffic Monitoring VMS (TVMS) High Performance & Powerful TVMS Solution

AddPac Smart TVMS (Traffic VMS) software solution is a traffic monitoring CCTV solution for next generation ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) at main road, intersection, etc. This Smart TVMS CCTV solution is applicable in various CCTV application areas like as Local government, High Express Company, etc. Main key point of smart TVMS focus on live traffic monitoring and archive video export functions. For traffic accident information and criminal detection, archive video file export function for police department is mandatory function. Of course, this archive video file should be watermarked to protect forgery.

For system stability and fault tolerant service, AddPac Smart TVMS software supports 1:1 duplication and N+1 system redundancy scheme in main key service system like as RTSP streaming server. Smart TVMS solution consists of RTSP video streaming server, CCTV video recording server, CCTV control server for CCTV camera PTZ control, touring, and automaton, CCTV management server, Window based PC software for management, CCTV viewer, etc.

 ITS(Intelligent Traffic System) System Architecture 

Smart TVMS Control.

Smart TVMS control server performs to the traffic CCTV system control such as camera PTZ control, camera touring, event control, subtitle control. It is applicable to real time video applications such as traffic management, as a control tower. Smart TVMS control server provides IP camera PAN, TILT, ZOOM, Focus function via Onvif standard CCTV device control protocol . PTZ Reset function, PTZ sequence control function, Live video monitoring function at PTZ control are main service features.

It supports control function of overlay subtitle information in CCTV video information. It also provides various subtitle display functions such as text message, image display, setup coordinate, text message scroll, font setup, and contour line as well as various subtitle display function. In addition, it can be interworked with external devices such as temperature/humidity sensor interwork function, interwork information subtitle display function, auto subtitle function and save subtitle status to restore for later use.
Smart TVMS control server supports video decoder and screen control/status manage for screen splitter. A screen splitter supports 4 screens, 9 screens splitter, assign video image to video encoder. Also, video encoder provides video sequence management function to display several video screens in consecutive order. It also supports video sequence create/delete/change and sequences assign function.
Smart TVMS control server supports system maintenance, debugging, administrator event management function, device status management function, history control management, and log management function.
An administrator management provides register/change/delete, account activate/deactivate, authority access control management, and access history management. 

Smart TVMS Management Server

Smart TVMS management server supports the video streaming server and recording server management, domain group management, user management for camera control, video export authorization management, user video display layout management, camera group favorite management, camera sharing function, camera group sharing function, video display layout sharing, etc

Smart TVMS management server supports system fault management and fault history management. Group based camera and device status monitoring, alarm handling function are also jobs of management server. Additionally, system resource monitoring, for example, (CPU, memory usage, HDD storage capacity) and alarm generation function by threshold value are services for management server.

Smart VMS RTSP streaming server

RTSP video streaming server and recording server is one of main core servers of AddPac Smart VMS software. RTSP video streaming software block is applicable to various application services due to RTSP based structure. Linux based RTSP streaming server software block is embedded with RTSP server and RTSP client. It is a RTSP protocol based which is located between video encoder and video decoder to distribute the HD video bit stream. It can support full HD video stream (for example, Up to 32 channels, output 64 channels).RTSP streaming server is designed to perform RTSP client function in input which receives the video bit stream from HD video encoder (RTSP Server). It performs the RTSP server function in output and designed to transmit the video bit stream to video decoder (RTSP Client) through On-Demand. Transport layer protocol uses TCP protocol as mandatory for the safe packet transmission in input. To cope with various application services in output, it supports the TCP or UDP protocol concurrently as an option. A video DSP based H.264 full HD video decoder and various media players such as VLC, GOM player, AddPac smart TVMS viewer can be RTSP client and perform video streaming transmission service based On-Demand by using RTSP streaming protocol.
AddPac video streaming server is designed by RTSP N:M client and server structure and its extensibility is very powerful. Also, this video streaming server is optimized for large scale CCTV deployment. RTSP video streaming server supports parallel, cascade style connection structure, and this streaming server is applied for various video streaming server topology. Several SLAVE RTSP video streaming servers can be managed by one single MASTER management server. Also each RTSP video streaming server can have a management server independently. 

AddPac RTSP based video recording server which is based on high performance network based digital video recording and processing device. It is a server to save multi-channel IP camera video bit-stream by accessing into video streaming server based on RTSP protocol. AddPac video recording server has an outstanding scalability due to its design for traffic monitoring CCTV structure optimization. AddPac video recording server is compatible with RTSP based various video solutions (RTSP video streaming server, HD encoder, HD decoder) so that you may build an efficient HD network CCTV system environment in accordance with the range of application or the range of field.
AddPac video recording server supports to store/play the video encoding bit stream in hard disk based on RTSP in network CCTV system structure. It is designed to support both all-in-one type (video recording server + video streaming server) and separated type (video recording server, video streaming sever each) on the basis of the Linux commercial server platform.
AddPac video recording server performs RTSP client function in input which receives the video bit stream. Compressed video information from the video encoder device or streaming server will be saved in hard disk. To play saved video bit stream, output performs the RTSP Server function to transmit the video data to video decoder (RTSP Client) through On-Demand. For the stable packet transmission, transport layer protocol uses TCP protocol as a mandatory. To cope with the various application services such as video decoder in RTSP server output, it is designed to support both TCP and UDP protocol concurrently as an option.

Smart VMS Management PC Software (MS-Windows)

Smart TVMS PC management software is designed by using MS-window OS and it is consisted of TVMS CCTV camera monitoring viewer software, and geological map based CCTV management software.

Smart TVMS Viewer, which is the next-generation network TVMS solution of AddPac, is multi-channel CCTV monitoring software that operates in a PC platform environment based on Microsoft Windows. For reducing visual fatigue when an operator monitors LCD display long-time, Smart TVMS CCTV monitoring software is designed by dark-gray color. Also, AddPac Smart TVMS viewer support new generation compression ratio effective H.265 video codec as option beside legacy H.264, MPEG, MJEG video codecs.

AddPac Smart TVMS Viewer receive the IP camera video bit-stream using RTSP video streaming protocol from streaming server or recording server,  and then it decodes the compressed video bit-stream and display the multi-channel IP camera video on monitoring LCD. Smart TVMS viewer can support up to 16-channel IP camera video (for example, traffic monitoring application). For other application like as 32, 64 channel video camera display, video layout and maximum channel display can be changed by user requirement. Smart TVMS viewer’s overall display layout and display size is controllable, and using mouse dragging at left side camera list menu, a specific IP camera video can be activated for live monitoring.

Smart TVMS viewer provides various IP camera video display layout. 1 party, 4 party, 9 party, 16 party and several main display layouts are available in Smart TVMS viewer. Also, AddPac Smart TVMS viewer supports subtitle generation function and camera PTZ preset function. Using Onvif standard CCTV Protocol, AddPac TVMS viewer support IP camera PAN/TILT/ZOOM, Focus, etc. Beside default mode Onvif CCTV standard protocol, custom IP camera protocol and custom CCTV video codec control protocols can also possible to support by custom development. 

Smart TVMS viewer software provides video file replay service function for recorded archive IP camera video file. Archive video file player can show additional detail information like as IP camera bit-stream bandwidth, frame rate, video resolution at archive video file decoding. And frame skip, slow motion replay (1/4, 1/2 speed) and fast replay (2x, 4x, 8x,etc) functions are provided. 

MAP based geological CCTV management software display the current security situation like as CCTV camera on MAP. The IP camera or CCTV video codec device overlay display on MAP help to understand the current CCTV camera location intuitively. 

AddPac MAP based geological CCTV management software consists of live CCTV camera monitoring function and MAP editor function. MAP based live camera monitoring software is located in main CCTV camera display viewer and several MAP display can be located in main CCTV camera display viewer as tile based type. Zoom out image MAP can be located at same time.
MAP editor software supports various IP based security device like as IP camera, sensor alarm, IP paging terminal, etc. New arrival security device is easily added to MAP editor software. By dragging to specific position on MAP, a security device, for example, IP camera can be located on MAP. User can see the live CCTV camera display by double click a specific IP camera icon on MAP.

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