Monday, July 9, 2018

AP-VAC350 Enterprise Fingerprint SIP Video Door Phone

AP-VAC350 enterprise fingerprint SIP video door phone is a visitor access control unit through video screen using internet. It uses the SIP standard VoIP signaling protocol feature, providing an excellent scalability by interworking with IP video phone, and soft video phone. It also supports the latest audio/voice codec at the optimum level. AP-VAC350 provides enterprise SIP video based visitor access control solution. For various application and flexible service, this product use 7 inch TFT-LCD with touch screen feature.

Standalone SIP based Video Door Phone Service + Door Control System

AP- VAC350 SIP video door phone is a device to open and close the door after verifying the identity of visitor. It is embedded with alarm, relay output port, and RS485 interface function to control the door remotely by interworking with automatic door. Also, it offers RF card and fingerprint recognition Interface for easier access of employees. AP-VAC350 supports both SIP video door phone management service and SIP based video door phone service. SIP based video door phone management function provides user management function, group management function, setup management function, RF card register and manages, Fingerprint register and manages, and access log function. 

New Standard Selection of SIP Video Door Phone “ Full Duplex + Acoustic Echo Canceller”

AP-VAC350 SIP video door phone is combination of SIP VoIP signaling technology/video processing technology. AP-VAC350 provides 64Kpbs level of network so that user may use anywhere with internet connection. Especially, it applies high end “Error Resilience” technology to cope with various packet errors to secure optimum level of voice quality in limited bandwidth environments. It also supports G.722 wide band codec along with G.711, G.726 voice band codec. And, for enhanced voice quality, AP-VAC350 supports full duplex voice communication scheme and acoustic echo canceller.

Fingerprint Recognition & RF Card Access Control

AP-VAC350 touch screen SIP video door phone supports visitor access control service feature through door side video monitoring using SIP VoIP signaling procedure. Also, this device supports fingerprint recognition, RF card access for the convenience of employees. 

Z-Wave Sensor Interface Support : (Opiton : AP-VAC300ZW Model)

AP-VAC350ZW IP video door phone supports the Z-Wave Sensor Interface for various Z-Wave based sensor device direct supporting like as motion sensor, light switch sensor, door open/close sensor, etc. This wireless Z-Wave sensor interface feature besides legacy wired based alarm signal will very helpful for various applications at door side. 
And the Z-Wave Interface of AP-VAC350 is compatible with Z-Wave base smart sensors from various manufactures, AP-VAC350ZW can easily add new smart sensor devices in your smart sensor network like as at various enterprise environment application. 

Firmware Upgradeable Structure

AP-VAC350 RISC CPU and DSP are all programmable structure so that user may use the latest features without much effort by simply setting an auto upgrade option or download from the homepage.

Smart Web Manager Function

AP-VAC350 is embedded with Smart Web Manager for easy control of SIP video door phone. User may setup/manage IP video door phone through PC, smart phone, and tablet device.

AddPac VoIP and Multimedia products are well recognized in terms of performance and stability throughout the world. With our accumulated experience in enterprise market and communication market, AP-VAC350 will satisfy the needs of customer along with AddPac video door access solution

Network Diagram

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