Monday, August 6, 2018

AP-VRT100 IP Voice Recording Terminal

Network Based IP Voice Recording Terminal

 AP-VRT100 IP voice recording terminal supports to transmit the analog voice data from external microphone to recording server based on VoIP. AP-VRT100 is a programmable DSP structure so that it is capable of improving, modifying, and adding new features constantly to meet the needs of various customers. It is easy to cope with next generation networking environment such as IPv6. Voice recording control function is designed on the basis of 7 inch color LCD touch screen. A user may use it without difficulties due to voice recording star/end button on GUI main screen.

Support VoIP Multi Codec

 AP-VRT100 IP voice recording terminal supports high quality voice recording solution based on excellent performance and stability by using DSP. Supporting codec’s (G.711, G.726, G723.1, G729) are compressed in AP-VRT100. A captured voice recording data will be transmitted to voice recording server and saved. A user may listen to the recorded voice in voice recording software. AddPac’s various VoIP Gateway series and multimedia network devices have been fully recognized in terms of its performance and stability throughout the world. AP-VRT100 will provide full satisfactions for customers who seek for a next generation IP voice recording system with our accumulated experience in the enterprise market and service provider market.

Network Diagram

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