Monday, June 11, 2018

AP-UHD2000 UHD 4 channel IP video splitter (H.264, H.265)

AP-UHD2000 is RTSP based 4K UHD(3840x2160) display system for network CCTV solution. It can be connected to UHD TV as well as support the next generation video codec H.264/H.265 with low bandwidth to provide high resolution. It can be used as IP based real time UHD CCTV display device for traffic surveillance, environment surveillance, and port surveillance.

The popularity of IP based network CCTV solution has been increasing as much as high interest in UHD high performance CCTV. IP based UHD NDVR (Network CCTV) is hard to approach in spite of its high performance due to bandwidth, network infrastructure, and cost of introduction. IP based UHD CCTV solution provides high resolution/low transmit bandwidth at a reasonable price. AP-UHD2000 UHD display device is applicable to video surveillance, traffic control, environment surveillance, and port surveillance by combining with various WAN environments such as gigabit internet, leased line, metro Ethernet. AP-UHD2000 is compatible with various AddPac Full HD CCTV solutions such as VMS solution (full HD video codec, RTSP video streaming server, recording server, control server, management server) so that you may build an efficient CCTV environment in accordance with the range of application or the range of field.

H.264 Codec to support UHD CCTV Display Solution

AddPac AP-UHD2000 is a high quality UHD CCTV live display device based on Intel Pentium QuadCore processor. Video codec supports full HD H.264/H.265 codec. It supports HDMI video output interface to connect with HDTV.

Support Full HD, HD, D1 Multi channel Concurrently

AddPac AP-UHD2000 UHD CCTV display system supports maximum of 4 video images for decoding. It can support full HD (1920x1080) concurrently as well as support HD (720P), D1 (720x480) for each channel selectively. Built-in 4 screen splitter supports to view one screen or 4 screens with UHD display resolution.

RTSP based full HD Real Time Video Decoder

RTSP protocol is a basic streaming protocol for large scale network CCTV system. AP-UHD2000 UHD display system performs RTSP client function in input which receives the video bit stream. Output performs the RTSP server function to transmit the video data to video decoder (RTSP client) through On-demand. For the stable packet transmission, transport layer protocol uses TCP protocol as a mandatory. To cope with the various application services such as video decoder in RTSP server output, it is designed to support both TCP and UDP protocol concurrently as an option. UHD display system is applicable to the various application services. CCTV video streaming server is embedded with RTSP server function to connect with various RTSP client terminals. Intel multi-core processor and high performance graphic card based AP-UHD2000 can be a 4 channel RTSP client as well as perform video streaming service in the form of On-Demand.

Full HD Video Processing (30 Frames per Second)

AP-UHD2000 can process full HD (1920x1080) image based on H.264, H.265 standard (30 frames per second). Depending on the network status, you may specify the frame rate and proper bit rate. You may specify/control the bandwidth of 1M~10Mbps when the broadcasting bandwidth is Full HD.

Overall Features
à4 channels real time full HD, HD video decoder (H.264, H.265)
àEmbedded 4 channels RTSP client function
à1 Gigabit Ethernet Interface
àInterwork with RTSP video streaming server
àRTSP sequence display function (4channel splitter video or 1channel sequence display)
àIntel Processor based MS-Window Operating System
àSupport software upgrade

Video Features
àSupporting Codec: H.264, H.265
àInterface: HDMI output port
àProcess full HD (1920 x 1080) video images (30 images per second)
àFull HD bandwidth: 1~10MBPS

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