Monday, June 11, 2018

New High Quality D1 Video Codec Module AV6000NA NTSC/PAL

AV6000NA D1 video codec module supports high quality NTSC/PAL analog video encoding/decoding service. AV6000NA D1 video codec module can be installed into AddPac network CCTV solution such as AP-NC2000, AP-NC3000, and AP-NC5000 multi-channel CCTV video codec H/W platform. AP-NC2000, AP-NC3000, and AP-NC5000 HD/D1 network video systems are DSP based high performance multi-channel HD/D1 video system which can install 1, 2, 10 video module slots. H.264 based high quality D1 video mage is applicable to network based video surveillance, traffic monitoring and etc. 

AV6000NA video codec module processes the 30 frames of D1(720X480), CIF (325X288) images per second based on H.264 compressed codec standard in real time. A user may setup an appropriate frame rate and bit rate in accordance with quadruple video encoding function and network status. Also, AV6000NA supports the H.264 TD (Temporal Domain) SVC (scalable video coding) video codec function beside basic H.264 AVC video codec. Normally, scalable video coding scheme has strong advantage in error robust characteristic. Thus, this new AV6000NA video codec module is very applicable in wireless video transmission like as satellite, microwave, etc.

High quality dual encoding function is designed to support primary channel D1 (720X480) video size, secondary channel CIF video size concurrently. AV6000NA supports one(1) NTSC/PAL analog video input or output, and it also supports RS232C, RS422, and RS485 interfaces for PAN/TILT/Zoom camera remote control. Also, it supports gigabit ethernet interface and is designed to fit for next generation network environment. RTSP/RTP based transmission protocol and management function with Smart Web Manager can be main advantage of AV6000NA4 video encoder module. 

For real time CCTV video surveillance, AddPac AP-NSPP (Network Surveillance Provision Platform) high performance network video surveillance service solution is suitable and it opens a whole new world of high quality video image based on our performance and stability.

Network Diagram

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